River Cities

Grace Lutheran Church's Pastor Imhoff retires

Parishioners and friends continued saying goodbye to Grace Lutheran Church Pastor David Imhoff on Saturday, June 7 with a farewell good luck party and dinner that was held at Johnny’s Soda Fountain & Luncheonette on the Circle.

The menu included some of Imhoff’s favorite foods: pulled pork sandwiches, sloppy Joes and spaghetti and meatballs. About 60 people attended to say goodbye to the popular pastor, whose last day on the pulpit is this Sunday, June 15.

Imhoff has been the pastor of Grace Lutheran for six years after coming from Jacksonville. He will be moving back to that city where his wife, three grown daughters and other relatives live.

“I might work part time at another church,” said Imhoff. “I plan to finish writing my book, go boating and fishing, play cards with my family and enjoy my puppy dogs, my wife and daughters.”

Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, the 67-year-old Imhoff has been in the ministry for 43 years and served at churches in Texas; Chicago; Toledo, Ohio; Dayton, Ohio; Richmond and Norfolk, Virginia; Washington, D.C.; and Jacksonville.

“Miami Springs is a diamond in the rough,” said Imhoff. “This is a gem in the desert of Miami-Dade. This is the cherished place to live in this county because of the size, the amenities and the people. The beauty, the layout; everything about it is wonderful.”

Taking over temporarily at Grace Lutheran will be Dale Young, a part-time minister who also serves as a chaplain at Baptist Hospital. A permanent pastor will be assigned in January or February.

Imhoff said the most outstanding remembrances of his time in Miami Spring were: “The parish that I serve and the way the parish has always served the community. And the focal point was meeting and eating with people at Johnny’s. If I had known retirement was going to be this nice, I’d have done it long ago.”