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Miami Springs council approves purchase of new stun guns

Miami Springs council members Monday unanimously approved the purchase of 50 Taser X2s for the police department.

There was no discussion before the vote at the council meeting. The Taser X2s will cost $112,156.80.

The police department will receive a $3,750 trade-in credit for returning 50 “inoperable or broken” Tasers, according to a memo from the police chief.

The two-shot Tasers, an upgrade from the current model used by officers, allow up to 500 firings and are resistant to rain and humidity, according to the company’s website. It also displays a “warning arc” to prevent conflicts from escalating.

“Current devices are manually reloaded,” Miami Springs police Sgt. Jimmy Deal said. “The new devices are automatically reloaded at the push of a button.”

Deal said the new model will video-record incidents in high definition.

The bedroom community of 14,000 has received media attention recently for crimes including assaults on prostitutes, a SWAT team extraction of a gunman near the high school and a man performing a lewd act in a park.

The purchase is being made using funds from the Police Law Enforcement Trust Fund.