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Miami Springs OKs $50,000 in emergency underground fuel tank repairs

The Miami Springs City Council approved up to $50,000 in “emergency” underground fuel tank repairs at its public works facility located at 345 N. Royal Poinciana Blvd.

“Water was found in the tank and upon inspection a crack was found in the inner shell of the tank itself,” City Manager William Alonso said. “The city is in the process of putting in an insurance claim to cover the expenses.”

If the city’s property insurance carrier does not cover the entire costs, the difference will come from city coffers.

The area outside the tank, which is a dual-wall system, has been inspected by the county and no contamination was noted, according to the city.

“Hopefully, this whole thing soup-to-nuts will just be a couple of weeks,” Public Works Director Tom Nash said.

In the meantime, city vehicles are filling up gas tanks at a local service station.