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Florida awards Miami Springs $119,600 grant for new bike paths, sidewalks

Miami Springs announced Monday that it has been awarded a $119,600 grant from the Florida Department of Transportation for new bike paths and sidewalks.

“Walking and biking in Miami Springs will be getting safer,” states a city news release, which points out that the Citywide Bicycle and Pedestrian Mobility Study and Master Plan grant was awarded by FDOT via the Miami-Dade Metropolitan Planning Organization.

“Over decades, Miami Springs has built bike paths, non-motorized mixed-use paths and sidewalks in various parts of the city, many of which are working sort of independently from each other,” Miami Springs City Planner Chris Heid said.

The city’s streets and sidewalks were laid out “pre-1950’s,” officials said. Since that time, there have been “significant” changes in the field of urban planning.

The grant will help Miami Springs provide alternatives to driving as well as connect to public transit routes and surrounding communities.