Miami Shores

Miami Shores council considers waiving bid for recreation center consulting firm

The Miami Shores Council on Tuesday could waive the bid for the consulting company in their community center project and approve Ballard King & Associates to conduct the center study.

The recreation consulting firm is a contender to survey the wants and needs of the community, which would then be incorporated in the design of the new building.

Last month, the council unanimously agreed to consider hiring the outside consultant as part of their strategy to build the new center. The consulting company would be responsible for overseeing focus groups, surveying the community and meeting with the council and stakeholders who will use the facility.

The Village Council on Tuesday night will also look to approve a village formality to add additional charges on the property tax bill for properties along Northeast Second Avenue between 94th and 101st streets. The added tax will reflect the usage of a new sewer line on the street.

If the resolution passes, the property tax increase would not be effective until October. Village staff said there is no indication how much the property tax would change until 2015.

Also at the meeting, the public works department will award the contract for the village’s multi-modal mobility study to Kimley-Horn and Associates, a nationally known design contracting firm.

The study will evaluate the state of transportation in the Miami Shores, survey and analyze relevant transportation data, hold public meetings, and develop of plan to improve the village’s network of transportation.

The Council will also discuss its Christmas and New Year holiday schedule.