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Doctors Charter School board agrees to renew former executive director’s contract

Nicholas Dorn
Nicholas Dorn

The Doctors Charter School got its executive director back.

After a public uproar following the popular director's surprise ouster, a new school board offered Nicholas Dorn a new contract just a month after he and the school parted ways.

“It’s been a heart-wrenching process because I couldn’t help but constantly think about the kids, the community and the faculty here,” Dorn said. “We got a lot of great things in the future.”

At the Miami Shores’ charter school board meeting on Thursday, board members and Dorn agreed on a new contract that is nearly identical to the one he signed two years ago.

Although an ad-hoc board committee recommended he receive a $10,000 raise and agreed to extend his contract to two years, Dorn rejected their offer.

Instead, he agreed to put the $10,000 toward his doctorate degree in education at Barry University. Dorn additionally opted out of the two-year term agreement, saying that a one-year contract was more in line with what every other employee signs.

“It’s basically the same contract as what I had before, which is only appropriate,” Dorn said. “I think it’s important we’re all in this together.”

The board accepted Dorn’s changes without dissent.

Alan Silbert, the board’s chair, was one of the first to welcome him back. Although Silbert initially voted against extending Dorn’s contract another year just weeks ago, he had a change of heart.

“I think this what the community and the board wanted,” Silbert said. “I didn’t realize how much Miami Shores residents loved Nick.”

Another board member echoed similar sentiments.

“Mr. Dorn knows almost every student’s name that walks through these doors,” said Miami Shores resident Rachel Cameau, who was recently appointed to the board. “He’s good for us.”

After the meeting ended, Dorn signed the contract, officially marking his return to Doctors Charter after a nine-day hiatus.

“I’m happy that he’s able to be principal again,” said 17-year-old Brittany Young, a 12th grade student at Doctors Charter. “He’s an amazing principal who actually listens to what the students have to say and I know the students love him to death.”