Miami Shores

A mom watching fireworks thought a golf ball hit her. It was much worse.

Patricia Beyhaut
Patricia Beyhaut Facebook

A resident of Miami Shores was released from the hospital late Wednesday after a harrowing incident, reports Local 10.

Patricia Beyhaut was at a Fourth of July celebration at the Miami Shores Country Club with her two kids watching fireworks when, all of a sudden, she felt a searing pain in her thigh.

"Owww!!!" she screams off camera in the video of the fireworks taken by her son. You can then hear Beyhaut groaning.

"The pain was so strong that I was like grunting or making some noises that my kids were not used to, so my daughter started to panic," Beyhaut said. Beyhaut originally thought she had been hit with a golf ball. But when she looked down at her wound, she realized she had been shot. "[The bullet] came in, into the body, and left the clothing around it," Beyhaut said.

The victim was taken to Aventura Hospital and Medical Center, where a surgeon removed the bullet and was released a few hours later to recuperate at home.

Local cops say it was a stray bullet fired up into the air as part of the festivities.

"Not only was she lucky, but everybody else was lucky," Miami Shores police Lt. David Golt told the TV station. "This bullet appeared to have been fired probably from somebody celebrating July Fourth."

On her Facebook page, Beyhaut sent a warning to friends:

"I know the odds of this happening are 1 in a million, BUT It sure does! My kids or other people’s kids could have been killed with this bullet. Shooting firearms up in the air IS dangerous!!! People die! Pass this message along Please."