Miami Lakes

Miami Lakes mayor calls special meeting to discuss Pizzi’s lawsuit

Miami Lakes Mayor Wayne Slaton has announced that a special call meeting will be held at 4 p.m. Friday to discuss a lawsuit filed by the town’s former mayor, Michael Pizzi.

In the lawsuit, filed earlier this week, Pizzi demands to be reinstated as the town’s mayor, so he can complete his second four-year term.

“I will be asking the Town Council to appoint an attorney to represent me and protect the interests of the people who elected me in 2013,” Slaton said in a media release.

Slaton took office in October 2013, following a special election after Pizzi was arrested on federal bribery charges.

Pizzi was found not guilty of bribery charges in August, and has since been fighting for reinstatement.

“Because the term of office to which Michael A. Pizzi, Jr. was elected has not expired, Michael A. Pizzi, Jr. is entitled as a matter of fact and law to the office of Mayor of the Town of Miami Lakes,” the lawsuit states.

In December Gov. Rick Scott revoked Pizzi’s suspension, following a decision by the Florida Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, both Pizzi and Slaton each claim to be the rightful mayor of the town.

Slaton refuses to step down, claiming to be the rightful mayor of the town.

“I want it to be clear, neither myself, nor the Council or anyone at Town Hall have the authority to allow Mr. Pizzi back into office,” Slaton said in a media release.

He went on to write that orders from the high and Scott “explicitly state my election to Mayor on [Oct.8] was a permanent replacement Mayor until November 2016. Neither Order nor the Town Charter provide the Town an avenue for reinstatement.”

Neither Scott nor the court reinstated Pizzi to the mayoral seat, as he never asked the high court to reinstate him as mayor.

The special call meeting will be held at the Miami Lakes Town Hall building, 6601 Main Street.