Miami Lakes

Letters: In support of reinstating Michael Pizzi as mayor of Miami Lakes

I have lived in Miami Lakes for over 25 years, as has my entire family. I think I speak for the entire town when I say that Miami Lakes has only one mayor and his name is Michael Pizzi.

This is a no-brainer. Mayor Pizzi defeated Mr. Slaton by 70% of the vote and the Town made it clear when they called the special election that Pizzi would go back in office the minute he was cleared of these false and politically motivated allegations. After all, this is America, not communist Cuba.

It is a shame that the Town is being led around by the nose by Raul Gastessi, who is not an elected official, has never previously served as a town attorney and is a longtime political supporter of Mr. Slaton’s. Gastessi is a failed candidate for office in Miami Lakes and a political gadfly who has written many checks to Slaton’s campaigns.

If Pizzi goes back to the position we elected him to, Mr. Gastessi may be out of a job. Anyone see a conflict? With all due respect, Mr. Gastessi should not be commenting on or play any role in deciding an issue that could effect his job.

Here is the bottom line and everyone in town gets this except Gastessi and certain politicians. The Florida Constitution says that if you get suspended based a false allegation, you go back in office automatically when you win your case. That has been the law for a hundred years. The Florida Supreme Court was asked only to revoke Mr. Pizzi’s suspension and they never issued any decision on anything else as a matter of public record. The position Gastessi is taking was rejected by the Court and I hope the Council puts a stop to his waste of tax dollars trying to keep his job at our expense. Pizzi is our mayor. Period.


Rose Nunez, Miami Lakes


Myself and my family came to the United States from Cuba to seek freedom and democracy. My husband risked his life on the ocean to experience freedom and the right to vote. My entire family has lived in Miami Lakes for twenty years and we have always voted for Michael Pizzi for Mayor of Miami Lakes. We feel right now like we are back in Castro’s Cuba. Our right to vote has been taken away.

Pizzi was a great mayor who cut taxes, built Town Hall and opened NW 87th Avenue, among other things. Pizzi was suspended by the federal governments’ filing of false allegations against him.

Our mayor was exonerated. Yet, our vote for him is still being taken away by lawyers making ridiculous arguments to save their jobs. What about the people’s right to elect their mayor of choice? What about any citizens right to have their life restored after prevailing in our system of justice?

The minute our mayor defeated the federal government and won at the Supreme Court level it was time for Gastessi and Slaton to show some class and dignity and turn over the keys, instead of desperately hanging on to something they have no right to. Gastessi and Slaton are embarrassing the Town and they do what is right and stand aside. Tell me we still have democracy.


Leyset Padilla, Miami Lakes

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