Miami Lakes

Letter: Miami Lakes’ real mayor is Wayne Slaton

We just reviewed the Letter to the Editor submitted by former Miami Lakes Mayor Michael Pizzi on Jan. 1, Happy New Year from Michael Pizzi.

Both the headline and the letter are inaccurate. The mayor of the Town of Miami Lakes is Wayne Slaton.

The Town Charter is clear and the Supreme Court Orders entered on Sept. 29, 2014 and Dec. 22, 2014 clearly concur.

The Supreme Court stated in its Order that “the permanent Mayor assumed office on Oct. 8, 2013, and the new mayor’s term will run until the next regularly scheduled election in Nov. 2016.”

The Supreme Court also repeated once again what it held in the Order to Show Cause dated Sept. 29, 2014, specifically “that it was not suggesting that the governor is required to reinstate petitioner to its former municipal office, which has been filled by operation of a special election in accordance with the Town Charter.

As such, Florida Gov. Rick Scott in his Executive Order of Dec. 22, 2014 stated that “in accordance with the above-mentioned Orders of the Supreme Court, this Order does not reinstate Michael Pizzi to the office of Mayor of the Town of Miami Lakes, Florida.”

The Florida Supreme Court and Gov. Scott have been clear and unequivocal. Wayne Slaton is the mayor of the Town of Miami Lakes. The former mayor cannot and will not be reinstated.

Raul Gastesi, Attorney, Town of Miami Lakes