Miami Lakes

Miami Lakes to write-off old, uncollected false-alarm fees and fines

The Miami Lakes council discussed plans to enhance the town and its services during a meeting Tuesday night.

The main item

A resolution that authorizes the write-off of certain false-alarms fees and fines in Miami Lakes passed unanimously. It allows for fines less than $50, accounts associated with former town residents or businesses, fines older than three years, fines associated with governmental agencies and fines reported as non-collectible to be written off.

“We have 370 cases that have been open since 2012,” Councilman Ceasar Mestre said, adding that this would allow for the town to get those off the books.

Currently town residents are given two grace false alarms each year, fines start at $50.

Other business

▪ Beautification: Councilman Tony Lama proposed developing a standard for trees in Miami Lakes, to maintain the canopy look that has become the town’s trademark. The council agreed 6-1 to direct Town Manager Alex Rey to move forward with the item.

▪ Golf carts: The town has decided to look into making the town a golf-cart friendly community, meaning that Miami Lakes could possibly encourage the use of golf carts in the future. The council voted unanimously to weigh the pros and cons of golf carts in Miami Lakes.

The next meeting

▪ When: Jan. 5, 2016

▪ Where: Miami Lakes Town Hall, 6601 Main St., Miami Lakes