Miami Lakes

Miami Lakes Mayor Michael Pizzi gives thanks for ‘privilege of serving’

I want to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving Holiday. Thanksgiving is a wonderful opportunity to give thanks to God for all of his Blessings. Too often we fail to focus on what we have and what God has provided, as opposed to always looking for greener pastures. Greener pastures will surely come. But, let us all take a moment and give thanks for our families, our children, our neighbors and the fact hat we live in a wonderful community.

When I drive past our Miami Lakes schools, our new fire station, our parks, and our lakes, I give thanks that I am blessed to be healthy and live in such a magnificent little paradise. I give thanks that I work with colleagues who care about their community and with a town staff and volunteers who work very hard to improve all of our quality of life. I give thanks for the food on our tables and for the love of our neighbors and great spirit of community and neighborly love that we have always had in this town.

Finally, I want to thank God for blessing me with the ability to serve a town full of residents whose compassion and love for their community is second to none. Having that privilege of serving them, leaves me wanting for nothing. Happy Thanksgiving!

Mayor Michael Pizzi

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