Miami Lakes

Judge denies Miami Lakes’ request to dismiss Pizzi’s legal fees

Miami Lakes Mayor Michael Pizzi.
Miami Lakes Mayor Michael Pizzi. MIAMI HERALD STAFF

Miami Circuit Court Judge Jorge Cueto denied Miami Lakes’ motion to dismiss Mayor Michael Pizzi’s request to have his attorney fees and costs recovered from his reinstatement cases.

In a five-page opinion, released Wednesday, Cueto states Pizzi is entitled to peruse his lawsuit to be reimbursed $500,000 in legal fees amassed while vying for reinstatement as mayor after he was acquitted of federal bribery charges in August 2014.

“From the complaint’s allegations, it can be reasonably concluded that Pizzi had to institute these suits to ‘defend’ his right to be mayor,” the opinion said.

The town has 10 days to respond to the judge’s opinion.

In January, Pizzi sued the the town to regain his seat. He won that case in April.

From both the federal and reinstatement cases, Pizzi’s legal fees are in the neighborhood of $3.25 million.