Miami Lakes

Letter: Why are taxpayers footing the bill for attorney’s fees?

I think I speak for most residents when I say that I feel like I am watching a rerun of the same movie again and again. Miami Lakes taxpayers are facing the loss of tax dollars for attorney’s fees because the city hired a City Attorney with no experience and who simply cannot handle the job. Here are the questions residents are asking.

Why was Raul Gastesi hired as City Attorney with no competition, no bidding and with him having zero experience?

Why is Gastessi still the City attorney after the town spent a half million dollars in legal fees and is liable for twice that because Gastesi did not understand the Town Charter or state law and misadvised the town?

Why is Gastessi still the Town Attorney after he was not able to secure insurance coverage to protect the taxpayers?

More importantly, why do the taxpayers have to foot the bill for more expensive outside lawyers when they are paying Gastesi hundreds of thousands of dollars? It was disclosed at the council meeting that Gastessi has conflicts because he has clients who are raising money for political PACs to capitalize on the current crisis and he is the lawyer for council members.

With proper legal representation, the town would not be facing this crisis and the taxpayers would not be at risk.

Rose Nunez, Miami Lakes

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