Miami Lakes

Councilmen Ceasar Mestre, Tim Daubert and Frank Mingo returned to office


The Miami Lakes council remained unchanged following the Nov.4 general election, as the three council members up for re-election each retained their positions.

A swearing-in ceremony for Councilmen Ceasar Mestre, Tim Daubert and Frank Mingo took place Thursday at Town Hall.

Mestre, an attorney, was the only council member who drew an opponent during the election. He won his bid for a second term by defeating businesswoman Xiomara Pazos.

Daubert and Mingo both ran unupposed and were automatically re-elected.

All three council members are set to serve four-year terms.

Mestre’s long-time friend, Hialeah Mayor Carlos Hernandez, swore him into office.

Following his oath, Mestre revealed that he originally contemplated not running for a second term, but his friends, along with some members of the Miami Lakes staff, encouraged him to run again.

“The team that we have in place is a very good team, a team that works hard for Miami Lakes,” Mestre said, referring to the council and town staff.

He also said that some aspects of public service, such as time spent away from family and work, are sacrifices he’s willing to make.

“At the end of the day what matters most to me is that I’m going to try to make Miami Lakes a much better place, so my little daughter can say ‘my dad helped out,’” Mestre said.

State Rep. Jose Oliva swore in Mingo.

“I am humbled to be elected without any opposition. I want to thank the town of Miami Lakes residents for their continuous support. It’s truly important,” Mingo said. “I want to thank the mayor, my fellow councilmen, staff, for the great working relationship we had this year. I’m looking forward to continuing it through the next four years.”

Mingo, who became choked up during a speech following his oath, went on to promise that he’ll continue to push for lower taxes, government transparency and public safety.

Daubert, whose daughter Ashley, 16, swore him in, said he’s looking forward to his next four years in the dais.

“I enjoy this, as you can see, hopefully in my face and in my actions,” he said. “I really look forward to the next four years and serving our town. This is great.”

Following the ceremony Daubert said he credits his Marine background with fuelling his passion for public service.

“I love it, I love public service,” he said. “I love helping people. It’s an important part of being a Marine.”

Meanwhile, two-term Mayor Michael Pizzi, aquitted of bribery charges in August, has sued Florida Gov. Rick Scott to get back his mayoral job.

Wayne Slaton, Pizzi’s longtime political foe, won a special election to replace him. The outcome of that case could potentially impact the dais.

The next general council meeting is set to take place in December.