Miami Lakes

Miami Lakes council OKs allowing town’s special master to reduce civil penalties

The Miami Lakes Town Council met Tuesday, June 2.

The main item

The council voted 6-1 to pass a code enforcement ordinance delegating the authority to reduce civil penalty reductions to the town’s special master.

Vice Mayor Manny Cid was the only no vote.

In addition, the council unanimously passed an amendment to the ordinance that would allow the special master to reduce fines for residents dealing with extraordinary circumstances, such as medical issues.

“The town is going to do a better job at working with the residents going forward,” Councilman Tim Daubert said.

Other business

▪ Rock Mining: Councilman Nelson Rodriguez updated the council on the status of state legislation on rock mining.

▪ Legal Fees: Town attorney Raul Gastesi provided a status report on Mayor Michael Pizzi’s litigation regarding the reinstatement case, telling the council that Pizzi’s attorneys had submitted requests for his legal fees in both the criminal and civil case to be covered but have yet to provide a dollar amount as to how much those fees are.

▪ 170th Street Overpass: Mayor Michael Pizzi proposed a motion that calls for the town to be involved in any talks to open the overpass on Northwest 170th Street. The town unanimously approved it.

They said it

“My position is that there is a special place in heaven for the teachers and the individuals who care for these types of children.” — Councilman Tony Lama, in reference to a resolution to provide a conditional-use variance for a school that accommodates students with special needs.

The next meeting

▪ When: 6:30 p.m. July 7.

▪ Where: 6843 Main St., Miami Lakes.