Miami Lakes

Letter: Miami Lakes voters to consider ballot questions

During the Nov. 4 election, Miami Lakes residents will face three questions regarding the function of municipal self- governance. Before all the political campaign noise begins, I would like to take a moment and explain all three questions.

The first question is regarding annexation. I fundamentally believe that we as residents of Miami Lakes own a share of the town, similar to being a stockholder in a corporation. As such, any change to the business model should go before its shareholders. That is exactly how I feel about annexation; any future annexation proposal should go to a vote before our residents because annexation will fundamentally transform our current business plan.

The second question is regarding town committees. Our committees are the lifeblood of our community events and outreach efforts. Therefore, each public servant on the Miami Lakes council should have equal number of resident appointments to our committees. This process will create fairness and balance. Residents willing to serve on committees should not be judged by which campaign yard signs they post, but by the merits of their volunteer work.

Lastly, an independent town-wide Miami Lakes zip code. By voting yes on this question you will send a clear message to the U.S. Postal Service that the time has come to grant Miami Lakes its own zip code. The benefits are various, from branding to economic development and most importantly our own zip code could lead to lower automobile insurance premiums.

These are three very important issues to our community, and I personally recommend voting yes on all three questions.

Manny Cid, Vice-Mayor, Miami Lakes

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