Miami Lakes

Graham Companies donate Par 3 Golf Course to Miami Lakes for passive park

A 30-acre parcel of land in Miami Lakes, known as the Par 3 Golf Course, will be converted into a passive park.

The town council unanimously accepted the donation of the property from the Graham Companies during an April meeting. Once developed, the property — located on the east side of the Palmetto Expressway and south of Northwest 154 Street — will include features such as walking and bike paths.

Miami Lakes acquired the property at no charge. The Graham Companies will handle the land’s maintenance for two years, in addition to paying for an environmental assessment and boundary survey.

The town plans to obtain sponsorships and grants in order to aid in the park’s long-term development and maintenance.

“It’s a great victory for the town of Miami Lakes,” said Councilman Frank Mingo, in an interview after the meeting. “The town is known for its great park system, and we’re about to add a 30-acre passive park to that system.”

Converting the property into a passive park was one of the issues Mingo ran on in the town’s 2013 special election.

Soon after he was elected, the town council adopted a resolution to establish a committee to evaluate the acquisition and best use of the Par 3 property. Since then, the committee has met several times to discuss the acquisition of the land and the best methods of using the property.

“I think this shows the commitment that you have, and that this council has, to making our community a better place,” Councilman Ceasar Mestre said at the meeting. “It’ll never be developed, it’ll always be a park, and I think it’s a win-win.”