Miami Lakes

Letter: Miami Lakes mayor sends thank you to those who never lost faith

As you know, a judge has rejected all of the Town’s arguments and ordered that I am entitled to resume my duties as mayor of Miami Lakes pending a 30 day waiting period.

Although the town attorney filed an appeal without even holding a meeting so that the Town Council and the public could decide whether they wish to respect the judge’s ruling, there is no longer a question as to who is the mayor of our wonderful town.

As my first act as reinstated mayor, I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter and Passover. It is especially fitting that this ruling was issued on such a Holy week, as it is my faith in God that has gotten me through this ordeal. My Easter message is that my case is living proof that if you have faith in God and let God lead the way, there is no obstacle that you cannot overcome.

I am not returning to Town Hall armed with weapons or tanks. I am returning armed with a copy of the Holy Bible and a copy of the Constitution of the United States. My message to our town children is that if you stick by your principles and have faith in God and never give up, there is nothing you cannot achieve. There is no mountain you cannot climb. There is no bully who can stop you. I want to thank all of the town’s residents who never lost faith in me and whose unwavering love and compassion brought me to this wonderful Easter Sunday.

God Bless everyone.

Michael Pizzi, Miami Lakes

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