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Opa-locka awards $5.1 million contract for Cairo Lane infrastructure project

The city commission met Wednesday at 7 p.m.

The main item

Opa-locka’s multimillion-dollar Cairo Lane infrastructure project is finally moving forward. The city approved to hire Pompano-based Intercounty Engineering for a $5.1 million contract to improve drainage, roadway and the sanitary sewer system on Cairo Lane and 127th Avenue. The state awarded the city a $40 million revolving loan to fix flooding, potholes and wastewater issues last year.

Commissioners agreed to the bid selection unanimously after initially rejecting the same company last month. Even with approval, some commissioners voiced issue with the engineering company’s commitment to only 15 local hires.

“I would love for that number to be higher,” Commissioner Joseph Kelley said. “But I think given the dynamics and some of the other requirements that come with it, I’m comfortable with the 15.”

Other business

▪ Infrastructure on 147th St.: Due to incoming bids not embracing enough local hires, City Manager Kelvin Baker requested for the commission to reject all bidding packets for the city’s Northwest 147th Street infrastructure project, which extends from Northwest 22nd to 27th avenues. “It would be our greatest impact in terms of the hiring of our city residents [and] we did not see that,” Baker said. The commission unanimously approved the resolution and reinforced that they want to ensure that qualified residents have access to jobs within these projects.

▪ Administrative policies to change: The city accepted the first hearing of an ordinance to change administrative policies for city employees. The current policy is antiquated and not applicable anymore, Assistant City Manager David Chiverton said.

▪ City Manager’s spending limit: Commissioner Luis Santiago sponsored an ordinance to amend the city code and increase the city manager’s spending limit to purchase supplies from $10,000 to $25,000. The commission approved, 4-1. Commissioner Kelley voted against, citing his concern of not being able to weigh in on buying costlier items.

They said it

“When I look at these proposals, I want to see getting equipment from local vendors. We have engineers here, we have haulers in our community, we have painters — local people as well as the people that are going to be hired. It’s very easy and I don’t see it. People need jobs and we need to support our local vendors.” Commissioner Terence Pinder.

You said it

“We’re not here to hear ourselves talk, we come before you for a determination of an issue and any person has the right to be heard, that’s what the law says.” former Opa-locka Mayor John Riley, regarding citizens’ rights in addressing the dais.

The next meeting

▪ When: May 27

▪ Where: Sherbondy Village Community Center, 215 N. Perviz Ave., Opa-locka