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North Bay Village considers bayfront access outside previously developed properties

On Tuesday night, North Bay Village residents voiced their fears and apprehensions over the village’s recent discussion to grant bayfront access to a number of previously developed waterfront properties.

The main item

Commissioners rescheduled their previously canceled public workshop to discuss and develop regulations for public access to a bay walk. The workshop originally planned for May 28 was canceled because the commission lacked a quorum. On June 30, the village will hold another public meeting about easement variances, which nine developers agreed to when they initially built on the island.

“It is a known fact that we have to enforce the easements and the access to the bay walk,” Commissioner Richard Chervony said. “It was part of the variance given to the condos. I understand your security issues, this is why I called for a public workshop.”

The easements allow for public access to the 360, Cielo on the Bay, Adagio Lofts, Eloquence on the Bay, Blue Bay, Space01 Condominiums, Bay view Terrace, Bridgewater and MODA.

Other business

▪ Water and sewer fees: Village Manager Frank Rollason requested to increase the village’s monthly water rate from $12.42 to $14.46 a month and to raise the rate of consumption by 68 cents to $4.82 for every 1,000 gallons above 3,000 consumed gallons. To accompany the changes, the sewer commodity charge rate will also increase about $3 a month, from $16.25 to $19.19. Similarly the rate of consumption will increase 98 cents to $6.40 per every 1,000 gallons over 3,000 gallons used. The rate increase will help pay the costs of repairing the village’s constant sewer leaks, which has totaled about $750,000 so far this fiscal year. The commission approved the first reading of the increased rates.

▪ Motorcycle and scooter parking: The commission unanimously approved a first reading ordinance to change the village code to prevent motorcycles and scooters from taking a full parking park. “I think it’s needed,” Mayor Connie Leon-Kreps said. To accommodate the motorcycles, the village will restripe certain spots to fit three vehicles in one spot on East and West drives.

You said it

“I don’t have as much issue with people enjoying and having access to the water, but I do take great issue with my security, my privacy and ensuring that that is retained.” – Jennifer Reed, resident and unit owner of 360 condominium

The next meeting: Budget workshop

▪ When: 7:30 p.m., June 11

▪ Where: 1666 Kennedy Causeway, #101, North Bay Village

Special commission meeting to discuss bay walk access:

When: 7:30 p.m. June 30

Where: 1666 Kennedy Causeway, #101, North Bay Village