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Year-and-a-half renovation begins at Miami Beach’s Bass Museum

The interior of the Bass Museum will have a completely different look.
The interior of the Bass Museum will have a completely different look. Daniela Rios / Miami Herald Staff

A $7.5 million renovation has begun at Miami Beach’s Bass Museum, with a goal to increase space for exhibits, educational events and social activities by 47 percent.

The expansion, which began after the most recent exhibition closed on May 17, will bring the usable space from 17,772 square feet to 26,212 square feet.

The project is a collaboration between architects David Gauld and Arata Isozaki. Isozaki took part in the first expansion of the museum in 2001.

“We want to make the space more efficient for programming, and we want to make it more adaptable to what we are doing today as opposed to 15 years ago when the building was made,” said Silvia Karman Cubiña, executive director and chief curator of the museum.

During the summer, the museum will be offering an art camp for children.

The courses are held at The Bass. Starting June 8, they will offer “Class A,” for kids ages 4 to 6, or “Class B,” for ages 7 to 12.

The museum plans to continue hosting art-related activities throughout the construction period. In September, it will introduce bassX, at the Miami Beach Library on 227 22nd St. There will be exhibitions, as well as a succession of weekly classes offering various activities, meetings and educational programs for people of all ages.

The Bass plans to reopen in fall 2016.

An original version of the story didn’t clarify where the children’s summer camp would be held.