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Shooting suspect in South Beach murder of Prada manager arrested in Miami

Tyrone Jackson
Tyrone Jackson 2013

Tyrone Jackson, the suspected triggerman in the shooting death of a Bal Harbour retail manager, was picked up by Miami Beach robbery detectives in the city of Miami Friday afternoon.

Jackson, a career criminal with a limp due to a bullet wound from an AK-47, is suspected of gunning down Kamil Patel, 29, last month as he walked down a South Beach alley with his girlfriend. The couple had just left Mac’s Club Deuce and were on their way to a karaoke bar.

It wasn’t clear if Jackson had been charged with the crime by late Friday afternoon. He is expected to face a charge of first-degree murder. Miami Beach police announced the arrest of Twitter.

Jackson, 32, who state records show has been arrested at least 27 times in the past two decades on charges ranging from burglary and drug possession to firing a weapon into a building, was being transported to Beach police headquarters.

Police and witnesses say Patel and his girlfriend Katy Park, who Patel had picked up earlier in the evening, were walking down Collins Court just south of Española Way the night of Jan. 25 when they were followed by a white Honda Accord.

A witness to the shooting told police the car pulled up in front of the couple and blocked the street when Jackson got out of the passenger side door and fired at Patel twice from about six feet away. He was struck in the shoulder and the abdomen.

Nothing was stolen and not many if any words were exchanged between the shooter and Patel. Police have never publicly explained a motive.

The Miami Beach Police Department released video of a white Honda Accord that was seen moments before a man was shot and killed on Miami Beach on January 25, 2018.

The car was allegedly driven by Jeremiah Grant Dorvilus, who was found in the car police say was used during the crime, next to a Miami Metrorail station on Jan. 30. Dorvilus, 31, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder on Wednesday. He was denied bond.

Police say a third man in the car said that Dorvilus and Jackson picked him up in Overtown before the shooting and the trio drove to South Beach, where they drove up Ocean Drive before heading west to the spot where Patel was killed.

Patel had moved to Miami Beach from Dallas to take a job running the Prada store at Bal Harbour Shops less than a month before he was murdered. The car allegedly used in the crime, the Honda with a temporary license plate of CCP 4319, was reported stolen the day after the shooting and its driver was reported missing by his family.

Orestes Conrado Marrero, 54, was found a few days after the shooting. Police have not said how Dorvilus wound up with Marrero’s car or if they believe he has any connection to the crime.