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New tech will help Bal Harbour track village vehicles

Bal Harbour will be adding new technology that will help keep track of the village’s vehicles.

The Village Council recently agreed to purchase an Automated Vehicle Locator System at its regular monthly meeting.

The high-tech technology will keep an eye on the village’s vehicles, said police chief Mark Overton.

“This allows us to keep record and account of where our vehicles are at all times and allows us to accurately account of the conduct of our employees’ driving patterns,” he wrote in an email. “Furthermore, more importantly, it provides us the ability to know where our police cars are so we can accurately dispatch the most readily available patrol unit and in the event that there is an emergency and our officers lose radio communications or are unable to communicate with the dispatcher, we will know where they are and can send them assistance.”

Overton said the devices will enhance the ability to keep the officer’s safe and improve response time and crime reduction. It will cost $33,028 and will be purchased from Track Star International.

The money will come from two funding sources including the state law enforcement trust funds for the devices and general funds for the public works and park vehicles.

The devices are expected to be installed in about 10 weeks.

“The system can provide real-time or history reporting of the vehicles location, speed, when lights and sirens are used, and a host of other valuable management tools,” Overton wrote.

Overton said several police departments have a similar system. This system provides more functional, accurate and consistent reporting.

“This is all a part of this administration’s efforts and continued focus of bringing the best practices to Bal Harbour Village to provide an enhanced level of service to our community,” he wrote.