Miami Beach

Slain chef’s mom and family asks for help finding Mansion nightclub shooter

Slain chef Antaun Teasley’s mother and other family members spoke of God and their loss Tuesday, insisting that whoever committed the crime or knows anything about it should step forward.

“I’ve thought about the young man who did this. I thought about the mother’s pain that has to go through this. We all want to leave before our children. I’m asking for the people of Miami to step up,” Teasley’s mom, Janice Edwards, said from Miami Beach police headquarters, family members at her side.

“You don’t want to stand in my shoes. He was violently taken from us. When you take a life, you take a whole lot of people with you. Somebody knows something.”

Teasley, 42, was gunned down last week during an altercation between two groups of people in the VIP section of Mansion Nightclub on South Beach. He was discovered by the club’s promoter on the floor near a door after the crowd began stampeding for exits after the gunfire.

Teasley, a native of Cleveland, was well known, especially for cooking for ballplayers on the Miami Dolphins and the Miami Heat. Hours before the shooting, he was believed to have spent time at the Delano Hotel with Heat alumni and Hall of Famers Shaquille O’Neal and Gary Payton, and Heat star LeBron James’ agent, Rich Paul.

Teasley’s twin brother, Antwan Teasley, filed a wrongful-death lawsuit last week, arguing that Mansion boasts an “extensive history” of violent crime and questioning how a weapon could have gotten into the popular South Beach dance club.

Shootings are rare in South Beach clubs; the last occurred four years ago at the Heathrow Lounge.

Still, police would also like to know how a gun got into Mansion because carrying a concealed weapon into an establishment that serves booze is illegal. Each South Beach club has its their own security. Mansion management isn’t talking about the incident.

On Tuesday, Janice Edwards was surrounded by Antaun’s twin brother and older sister Robin Teasley. Also at the police station were his son Aki Teasley, 15, daughter Narcisse Teasley, 20, and young niece Lyric. Most family members had flown in from Cleveland.

Antwan Teasley held up a photo of his brother as others spoke. Robin Teasley wore a T-shirt bearing her brother’s likeness.

Speaking directly to anyone who might have witnessed the shooting, Robin Teasley said, “You know what type of person he was, and he didn’t deserve this. Don’t be a coward like the person who killed my brother.”

Teasley earned his culinary credentials in 2000. Besides basketball and football players, he cooked for tennis superstar Serena Williams and hip-hop producer Timbaland.

Investigators have spoken with witnesses from Teasley’s group, but still have not figured out who was in the other group in the VIP area. Video obtained from Mansion has not helped with the case, they said.