Miami Beach

Local psychotherapist to be on Oprah’s Most memorable Guests show

M. Gary Neuman is a rabbi and psychotherapist who will be returning for his 12th appearance on one of Oprah’s last shows, bringing honor to our Jewish community as he proudly wears his yarmulke as he always does when on television.

He will be back on the Oprah show, May 19, counseling children of divorce that he helped on her show 4 years ago.

Gary is a frequent writer for and part owner. He lives and maintains his private practice in Miami Beach and is New York Times best selling author of The Truth About Cheating, Connect to Love and many other books.

“Wearing a yarmulke on TV has always been meaningful to me. Years ago I think Jews were not able to openly express themselves so for me to show my children that you can go out into the world and not lose your Jewish identity is very important,” Neuman said.

He described how this visit was different than his previous 11. “There’s so much sentimentality in the air.  Everything Oprah talks about is ‘final.’ She asked me for my final thoughts to families. You can just feel the intensity as her show comes to an end.”

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