Miami Beach

Can 'Lady Google' lure fiber optic test to Miami Beach?

The City of Miami Beach has come up with a flamboyant way to get picked as Google's test community for superfast broadband service.

The city posted a 3.5-minute video to YouTube on Nov. 17 that parodies the Lady Gaga song Bad Romance.

"We want broadband ... Google, please .. We want broadband."

According to the city, Miami Beach is among 1,100 applicants to test the Google fiber,

capable of delivering Internet speeds more than 100 times faster than we're used to. The city has devoted a website and a special Facebook page to its campaign.

Miami Beach already offers free wi-fi citywide (well, up to the second floor of most buildings).

Google is expected to choose its test community by the end of the year. It may choose more than one.

How can they refuse Lady Google, portrayed by the city's public information officer, Nannette


"Wi-Fi rah-ah-ah-ah .... South Beach ro mah-mah ... Google ooh-la-la."

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