Miami Beach

Belle Isle updates: cameras, architects and jobs

We reported from Tuesday’s Miami Beach Design Review Board meeting that the DRB members approved the proposed new complex for 31 Venetian Way, but only if one floor is lopped off the smaller of the two five-story buildings in the plan.

That’s one thing the developer representatives said they could not change, so the decision appears to force them to either abandon the plan or appeal the DRB decision to the city commission. In the meantime, architect Luis Revuelta posted a lengthy comment on the post in which he says Belle Isle homeowners and some city staff were “arrogant” and “unjust” and opposed any new development on the current Belle Isle Key Apartment site.

Several others weighed in, so take a look and share your thoughts, too.

More details over the contract for red-light cameras; and an update on porter jobs at 9 Island Ave. at the Belle Isle Blog.