Miami Beach

Stop! Click! Red light cameras go live in Miami Beach

Did we really have to file our taxes and start getting our license plates photographed by red light cameras on the same day?

Thursday, April 15, was the official start for enforcement (translate that to FINES) of Miami Beach’s red light camera initiative. If the cameras get you, you’ll never know — until the notice of violation and fine comes in the mail. The notice will get your attention: $125 a pop.

The closest intersection to Belle Isle affects drivers headed westbound on Alton at 17th Street.

Here’s Miami Beach’s explanation of how it works:

The camera system only photographs a vehicle if it enters the intersection after the light has turned red. A second photograph is taken as the vehicle progresses through the intersection.

Vehicles that enter intersection on a yellow light phase are not photographed; even if they are still in the intersection when the light changes to the red phases. The technology is designed to record motorists as they enter an intersection after the signal turns red.

The camera photographs the vehicle from the rear – not the driver. The camera records the date time, lane, location, and speed of the vehicle.

Here is a list of the intersections:

* Washington Ave. at 17th St. – Eastbound

* Washington Ave at 17th St. – Southbound

* Chase Ave. and Alton Rd. – Northbound

* 63rd St. and Indian Creek Dr. – Southbound

* 41st St. and Prairie Ave. – Northbound

* 71st St. and Indian Creek Dr. – Northbound

* Dade Blvd. and 23rd St. – Westbound

* Alton Rd. and 17th St. – Westbound

* Washington Ave. and Dade Blvd. – Eastbound

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