Miami Beach

Letter: In defense of spending $165,000 on lifeguard stands

In response to a resident’s letter to the editor about why the city of Miami Beach is spending $165,000 on new lifeguard stands:

Our lifeguard stands serve two very important purposes. First and foremost, they are a critical tool in protecting the life and safety of our residents and visitors. Secondly, they have become iconic symbols of Miami Beach worldwide and tourist attractions in their own right. Unfortunately, due to the harsh elements of the beach and ocean, many of these stands are in very poor condition. The new lifeguard stands were designed by the original artist that came up with the current design. Building them with the strongest materials, including stainless steel, to withstand the elements is expensive. We scoured the market to find qualified companies offering the best price. Needless to say, lifeguard stands are not an ordinary commodity. Fortunately, the price for these is paid by the very resort taxes generated by our visitors. Investing in these durable and iconic lifeguard stands is an appropriate use of our tourist dollars.

Jimmy L. Morales, Miami Beach City Manager

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