Miami Beach

Arrests made after masked men pointed an AR-15 from a Miami Beach balcony

From left to right: Artur Schaback, Ivan Suhharev and Mohamed Azab Youssef
From left to right: Artur Schaback, Ivan Suhharev and Mohamed Azab Youssef Miami-Dade Department of Corrections

Police arrested three men Saturday in connection with a report of men on a Miami Beach rooftop wielding a gun on Friday afternoon.

Artur Schaback and Ivan Suhharev, both 28, were charged with improper exhibition of a dangerous firearm. Mohamed Azab Youssef, 39, was charged with possession of cocaine and possession with the intent to sell hashish.

According to the police report, Schaback and Suhharev took an AR-15 onto an apartment balcony at 1100 Collins Ave. around 2:55 p.m. Friday. Schaback held the gun in his hands while wearing a mask over his face. A witness who called 911 said the suspect was pointing the firearm toward the street and looked as if he were pointing it at citizens and tourists walking by.

Suhharev was taking pictures of Schaback while he was displaying the weapon in a careless manner, the report said. Then the two swapped positions and Schaback photographed Suhharev wearing a mask and displaying the weapon in a careless manner.

After multiple 911 calls, Washington and Collins avenues were closed down between 11th and 12th streets for several hours.

Police arrived at the scene and took four men into custody. After searching the apartment, they found the AR-15, more than 500 rounds of ammunition, a switchblade, a box containing drug paraphernalia, a container containing suspected hashish, and a container containing suspected cocaine.