Waldorf School students participate in Greek Olympics games

A group of students from Sunrise School of Miami were recently invited to participate with approximately 120 children, aged 10 to 11, from Waldorfschools from across the country, to the Greek Olympics held in Nashville, TN.

The students dressed in traditional white tunics participated in the pentathlon, the five main sports of the ancient Olympics: the javelin, discus, wrestling, running and long jump. The event did not emphasize competitive values and winning, but rather the beauty of movement and cooperation among the participants.

“We strive to nurture and bring forth every child’s personal achievement and to work together in a group – it is not about who can throw the hardest, orjump the longest,” said Carlos Castro, Movement and Games teacher for the Sunrise School of Miami.

The students began training in September, with the games held in the spring. In addition to the athletic events, the students also prepared for anartistic presentation as well. The Sunrise School of Miami students performed the Greek National Anthem and speech work from their upcoming playabout the Greek gods.