Homestead - South Dade

Juvenile arrested following supermarket stabbing in Homestead



A man was stabbed in the head by a juvenile following a fight in a supermarket Sunday night, according to Miami Herald news partner CBS4.

It happened around 7:30 a.m. Sunday, July 10th, at 212 W. Mowry Drive. The suspect was arrested.

"It was a guy who stabbed my son at the Diaz store," said the victim’s father, Diego de la Cruz, who spoke in Spanish.

De la Cruz said his son was rushed to Jackson South Community Hospital in critical condition.

"My son, they told me he's in bad shape and that the wound is deep in his head and he was stabbed."

According to Homestead Police, the 25-year-old victim and the 17-year-old suspect are neighbors who got into an argument at the grocery store.

A witness lead to police to the suspect’s whereabouts.

"The guy went to his home but in the end, he was caught," said de la Cruz. "Police took him away and he's in jail."