Homestead - South Dade

Homestead Housing Authority discusses solar power, finance report

The Homestead Housing Authority met on Thursday, May 21.

The main item

Board Chairman Michael Goodman opened the meeting with an idea he said he hopes to be able to propose to his fellow commissioners one day: solar energy.

“It’s life-changing technology. I believe we are living in really, really exciting times. But just as they are exciting, they are also equally as daunting,” Goodman said. “In the news you see it, all types of dangers. But at the same time. you see all kinds of amazing innovations that change the way we live, change the way we house, and really even change who we are as a society.”

Goodman said he would hope to one day get a grant for a pilot project so that “we can power our tenants for free, or at a really, really low cost, using the power of the sun.”

“It’s incredibly exciting. I’m not making a proposal yet, but I’m starting to lay the groundwork,” he said. “It would be to take a handful of tenants, install this, and see how it goes. I just wanted to share my excitement.”

Other business

April Minutes: Board members passed last month’s meeting meeting agenda and finance report. Contractors updated the board on how many units were painted, restored or remodeled.

Consent Agenda: Board members passed next month’s consent agenda.

They said it

During the meeting, board member Gerard Berrouet called out the authority’s lawyer, Gilberto Pastoriza, for “always interrupting” board members. He suggested that all board members either take a one-one-one training on proper decorum, or that they hold a public meeting on the subject.

Pastoriza and Berrouet went back and forth, speaking over one another.

Goodman, finally getting a chance to speak, disagreed with Berrouet, saying that their attorney “is here to keep us legal. So if he wants to interrupt, I welcome him to.”

Board members discussed amongst themselves, volume rising.

Goodman jumped in. “Do I need to get a gavel? Apparently I need a gavel.”

You said it

“I’m very pleased to be part of this. I think that it’s important for the Haitian community to be included in your conversations.” — a resident who pastors a local Haitian church.

The next meeting

When: 5:45 p.m. June 18

Where: 29355 S. Federal Hwy., Homestead