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Homeless amputee left on the ground after fall from her wheelchair during arrest

Mary Brown, 52
Mary Brown, 52 Miami-Dade Police Department

The woman in the wheelchair was missing both her legs, so with the handcuffs on she had no way to stop her fall.

Mary Brown, 52 and homeless, lay on the asphalt parking lot for minutes as Miami-Dade police stood above her and bystanders filmed.

Police told Brown to stay away from the Chevron gas station on 12701 SW 268th St. last week, but she was back on Saturday.

Police said she was harassing customers and begging for money. After officers told her she was under arrest, police said Brown became “uncooperative.”

On the video, recorded and posted to Facebook by Jay King, two officers wrestle Brown’s arms behind her back while she sits in the wheelchair. She screams, “Stop hurting me!”

At some point, she falls out of the chair and lands face down on the yellow parking stripe. The door to the back seat of a police car is open behind her.

“You see what you did?” Brown asked. “Would you get me up off this ground?”

Brown and the officers argue briefly over whose fault it is she’s on the ground. It’s not clear if she flung herself, if officers dropped her or a combination of both.

“Would y’all get me some help please?” Brown asks the man recording the video. “They’re hurting me.”

Brown was taken to jail in an ambulance. The court put a stay on her trespassing charge.

Miami-Dade police released a statement about the video:

“Command level personnel have viewed the video along with the officers’ body worn camera footage and after reviewing the incident, have realized that as an agency we need to provide our law enforcement officers additional resources to aid them in facilitating the transport of disabled individuals, so that situations such as these are handled in a more amicable manner in the future.”

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