Newlyweds accused of kidnapping, raping woman, went shopping afterwards — naked

Most couples come to South Florida on their honeymoon to enjoy the sun, the fun, the food and often the nightlife. But police say a Georgia couple’s celebration here turned a bit too debaucherous and landed them in jail on felony charges.

Police and witnesses say that Rashada Hurley, 32, and her new husband Timothy Lowe, 37, beat and kidnapped a woman, drove her to a motel and forced sex on her, then got naked the next day inside a convenience store and grabbed a couple of sodas without paying.

Police found the couple outside a block away — still holding the sodas and still naked. They placed blankets around them, took them in for questioning and charged them with petit theft.

Then, with the help of video surveillance, investigators quickly linked the couple to the earlier rape and said the woman identified the couple through a photo lineup. They were arrested and charged with kidnapping, robbery and sexual battery and booked into the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center where they were denied bond on the kidnapping charges.


According to police, the couple’s rampage began Sunday afternoon in the parking lot of a Publix in Hialeah. A 27-year-old woman told police that as she was pulling out of a parking space with her window down, Hurley jumped out of her car and hit her with something in the head, knocking her unconscious.

When she woke up, the woman told police, Hurley was choking her as Lowe drove her car to a Motel 6 at 7330 NW 36th St. Police said the couple used the woman’s credit card to secure the room, along with Hurley’s Georgia driver’s license.

Once inside, the couple’s arrest affidavit says, they forced her to have intercourse and perform oral sex on Hurley. She escaped when the couple was distracted and fled.


The next day, Monday, police received a call from a 7-11 at 3401 Biscayne Blvd. about a naked couple who poured themselves two sodas worth $2.14 and left the store without paying. Workers at a nearby Walgreens said the couple was there — also naked.

Police found the couple a block south of the 7-11 and took them into custody.