Cameras catch a couple stealing office equipment

Dwayne Noble is in jail on multiple robbery and theft charges.
Dwayne Noble is in jail on multiple robbery and theft charges.

They say when you’re a veteran and you start making rookie mistakes again, it’s time to retire from that business. Take Miami Gardens’ Dwayne Noble and Shirley Sneed.

Between them, they’ve done four turns in Florida prisons for, generally, stealing (burglary, theft, etc.). That matches, according to arrest reports, the number of times they were caught by surveillance cameras burglarizing Miami-Dade businesses this year.

So the 41-year-old Noble sits in Miami-Dade County Jail on numerous grand theft and burglary charges and $81,500 bond and cops put out wanted fliers in a search for Sneed, 46. The Florida Department of Corrections list of Sneed’s 10 tattoos includes a right lower leg panther head tat, a left forearm tat of Betty Boop with a tribal design, and a right forearm tat that includes Elmer Fudd.

▪ Feb. 1: surveillance camera video stamped 1:20 p.m. caught a man and woman, each in baggy white shirt and knee-length shorts, ambling about the no-customers-allowed office area of Hialeah’s Macias Distributors, 2579 W. 80th St. In the video, which Hialeah police released to the media, the male eventually pushes the camera toward the ceiling, but not so much that the female still isn’t in view. No property was taken.

▪ Feb. 1: Noble’s arrest report says the male in the video taken 20 minutes later by cameras at 2571 W. 80th St., HVAC Select, does the same camera angle adjustment before he and the female take advantage of staff being in the warehouse by searching the office. This trip produced loot in the form of a Samsung S6 cellphone and $260 cash.

▪ May 19: while L&R Star Marine, 3720 NW 82nd St., workers were in the back of the warehouse, the arrest report says surveillance video spotted a man and woman going through the warehouse to an office area. The two swiped a black backpack with two laptops and left in a gray Hyundai, a departure the report says a neighboring business’ high definition surveillance camera video chronicled.

▪  May 22: surveillance video released by Hialeah police caught a man using an unlocked door to get into the Physicians Management Group offices, 7150 W. 20th St., around 6 p.m. He left with two laptops and a flash drive after checking various rooms.

Anyone with information on Sneed’s location can call Crime Stoppers, 305-471-TIPS (8477) or Hialeah Police Department, 305-687-2525.

David J. Neal: 305-376-3559, @DavidJNeal