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Investigation finds no ‘cancer cluster’ in Broadmoor neighborhood

Despite 634 people diagnosed with cancer in the Broadmoor area of Miami-Dade, state investigators have dismissed the possibility of a “cancer cluster” in the community.

According to the report, 634 people were diagnosed with 693 cancers from 2000 through 2010 in Broadmoor community. But investigators also concluded that types of cancers and age group are consistent with the state’s overall population.

The investigation was prompted by a resolution co-sponsored by Miami-Dade Commissioner Jean Monestime after residents contacted him to complain about the King Metal Recycling Plant, 8600 NW 36th Ave., which they thought was responsible for making their neighbors sick.

Monestime said one factor in the report which was troubling was that the rate of stomach cancer in the area is higher than that of the state of Florida. He thinks this needs looking into along with a new issue.

“Since the original resolution was adopted, many more residents in the Broadmoor community have complained about asthma, trouble breathing and other respiratory ailments,” Monestime said in a statement. “In the coming weeks, I will ask the Florida Department of Health to look into these concerns.”

The county issued a cease and desist order prohibiting the King Metal Recycling Plant for operating while they make changes such as erecting a wall around the plant.