Search committee moves forward on plans to hire a new city clerk for Doral

A search committee met on Thursday at Doral City Hall to discuss their plan of hiring a new city clerk. On Dec. 10, Council members voted 4 to 1 to fire their longtime city clerk Barbara Herrera.

On the committee are Councilman Pete Cabrera, Vice Mayor Sandra Ruiz and Councilwoman Ana Maria Rodriguez, along with longtime residents Eduardo Gomez and Pierre Christ. According to the city’s Charter , each Council member gets to appoint one member to the search committee. Cabrera, Ruiz and Rodriguez appointed themselves.

At the meeting, the board decided that the search process will go through the city’s human resources department, as opposed to a recruiting agency or search firm.

The decision was made unanimously, with members of the committee calling the decision “the best” and “cost effective.”

“This city has a very qualified staff,” Christ said. “Lets give it a shot in-house. Let’s give them the opportunity.”

The committee has 60 days from Herrera’s termination (Feb. 10) to recommend candidates to the City Council, but they asked that the deadline be extended until March 19. It passed.

Because the committee did not have an official job description for the open position, they requested that human resources compose one by Thursday, Jan. 15. The board is set to meet at 6 p.m. that day.

“A month was burned,” said city attorney Dan Espino.

The committee also agreed that on Jan. 28, the job description, along with salary and requirement information for the position will be presented to the City Council at their zoning meeting. On Feb. 1, the city will start advertising the position and begin accepting applications.

The committee nominated Ruiz as chair of the committee. In that role, he will lead the upcoming board meetings.