Doral council approves a new pay scale for city employees

The Doral city council met Thursday, May 7.

The main item

The council approved increased pay ranges for certain city employees after hearing a hearing a lengthy presentation by a representative of Evergreen Solutions, LLC.

The resolution redefines job descriptions and approves new pay ranges in order to make compensation for City of Doral employees equitable to other city employees in the Greater Miami area based on the idea of class parity. City employees who were previously under the new minimum will have their salaries increased to reflect the new pay ranges retroactive to March 1. The Evergreen Solutions study, which began last fall, indicated that 163 City of Doral employees — including some members of the police department — fell below the current minimum.

“I think we were long overdue for something like this,” said Councilwoman Ana Maria Rodriguez. “I know that the process was tedious and difficult, but everyone pitched in but I think what we’re coming up with is a great solution to make sure that our employees are payed equitably. It’s important for them to know that they are appreciated.”

Evergreen Solutions is a consulting firm that works with local and state government as it relates to human resources, change management and performance measurement.

The resolution was passed with unanimous consent.

Other business

▪ Commercial waste dumping: The council unanimously approved an additional $1.2 million for Biltmore Construction to use to dispose of contaminated soil found at the site of the proposed NW 114th Avenue Park that broke ground last November. An environmental study found that the soil on the property had been contaminated by arsenic. The original sum for soil removal was more than $2.3 million, bringing the total cost of removal up to approximately $3.5 million dollars.

▪ Budget adjustment: A resolution to adjust the city’s general fund budget for 2014-2015 to reflect approved budget transfers to department funds was approved unanimously.

▪ Zoning talk: Iler Planning gave a presentation in the discussion period of the meeting that reviewed the City of Doral’s current zoning plan. Their update suggested that City of Doral’s population growth, at its current pace, will give the city a total of 91,409 residents by 2025—close to three times the population of 33,633 in 2005. The City of Doral has three boundary expansion applications pending with Miami-Dade County to make room for this added population.

They said it

“When we started our city we always said that we wanted to be a high-caliber city. We wanted to make sure that we paid our employees in a way that would attract the quality of employee that our constituents deserved. We started off that way, and then with the economic slowdown it fell behind.” — Councilman Pete Cabrera, in reference to the new employee job classification and pay scale measure.

You said it

“One man’s barbecue is another man’s mental torture, so what you have here is defining that any of us might emit some odor from our property and we will have violated an odor ordinance in our city,” — Luimar Garza, a Doral resident, in reference to the “odor control” ordinance that will be discussed further at Wednesday’s council meeting.

The next meeting

▪ When: Wednesday, 10 a.m.

▪ Where: City Hall, 8401 NW 53rd Terr.