World Cup fever gets heated at Doral bar; six arrested

World Cup fever and booze proved a tense combination in Doral Friday, where six people were arrested in a bar parking lot following the Brazil-Colombia game. Two were transported to the hospital for minor injuries sustained earlier at the club.

The police officer arrived on the scene at 7:55 pm responding to reports of a bar fight at Barú Urbano, a Latin American bar on Northwest 41st Street. The fight had concluded but disorderly conduct in the parking lot resulted in two people arrested for battery on a police officer, and four for disorderly intoxication, according to Doral Police Chief Richard Blom.

A popular club, Barú hires an off-duty police officer in uniform to monitor the parking lot on Friday and Saturday nights from about 12:30 a.m. to 4 a.m. to make sure patrons get safely to their cars, according to Blom.

Mayor Luigi Boria had been at Baru earlier in the afternoon, towards the start of the game, and he said everything was “under control.”

Despite concerns raised by some in attendance at Baru Friday, bar fights aren’t uncommon during big sporting events, like the World Cup, Blom said.

“When the bars fill up, there’s more potential for things to happen because there are more people drinking,” Blom said. “You don’t go on alert because you’ve got the World Cup playing — you’re always on alert with the bars at night.”

Blom said although he has not increased security around bars during the World Cup, he is “certainly cognizant” and tries to “keep an eye on the area.”