Traffic in Doral giving you a headache? Here’s another way around.

A new stretch of 92nd Avenue connects Northwest 33rd and 25th streets.
A new stretch of 92nd Avenue connects Northwest 33rd and 25th streets. Google Maps

Getting from Northwest 25th Street to 33rd Street in Doral just got a whole lot easier, thanks to a new 92nd Avenue connection.

Having to travel almost 15 blocks (almost 2 miles) along 87th Avenue or 97th Avenue for that stretch of road is officially a thing of the past.

The road now gives commuters a straight shot through what was once a dead-end road. Doral officials inaugurated the avenue earlier this month. It had been under construction since December.

“This new roadway will enhance connectivity for hundreds of residents,” said city spokeswoman Maggie Santos. “Additionally, it will help improve emergency response times for Doral police stationed at the new police substation, as well as enhance connectivity for freight traffic and commuters to Miami-Dade County police and U.S. Southern Command.”

The avenue now features four traffic lanes (two lanes in each direction), a storm water drainage system, curb and gutters, street lighting, and a bicycle and pedestrian shared path on the east side of the road.

On one side of the street is Doral Central Park and the Miami-Dade Police Station. On the other side? Grazing cows, right across the street from U.S. Southern Command and the Miami Herald.

“This project is a prime example of our commitment to connect roads and provide alternate routes that will improve mobility and travel times within the city,” said Mayor Juan Carlos Bermudez.

Monique O. Madan: 305-376-2108, @MoniqueOMadan