‘Damage your lungs but not our city,’ Doral says to smokers in new anti-littering ad

If you are tempted to toss your cigarette butt on Doral grounds, you might want to think again.

As part of the city’s “Keep Doral Clean” campaign, Doral debuted the first of several videos, hoping that smokers will think twice before hurling their ashes into the wind.

The 30-second clip was produced in Spanish and narrated with light but punchy humor. The English version will roll out soon, officials say.

In the Youtube video, a man in a spiffy suit sits outside city hall at a Downtown Doral Park picnic table. In one hand, a cellphone. In the other, a cigarette.

With an upbeat tune playing in the background, the narrator — in a clown-like voice— hums along.

“Smoking a cigarette, no?” he says with a chuckle. “Did you know that smoking damages your health?”

The businessman proceeds to toss the ashes on the pavement.

“Hey hey hey! No, no, no! We don’t do that here. Damage your lungs but not our city!” say the narrator.

The city first announced its campaign on Earth Day, April 22. Staff plans to release the next vignettes in the coming weeks about not littering and picking up after your pet.

Residents will also see the campaign posters on bus benches, bus shelters and trash cans.

“The campaign is being launched in phases. We’re just trying to create a sense of community responsibility to keep our city beautiful,” said Maggie Santos, Doral’s spokeswoman. “We’re also just trying to remind our residents that these little things add up and can help improve our quality of life.”

Santos said the next phase of the Keep Doral Clean campaign will be extra interesting — traffic.

“It goes with the overall theme of preserving our quality of life and being efficient in everything we do, including the way we move around,” she said, adding that she couldn’t disclose details. “Stay tuned.”

Monique O. Madan: 305-376-2108, @MoniqueOMadan