Cutler Bay

Letter: In recognition of the leader of the Concerned Citizens of Cutler Bay

I would like to commend Steve Zarzecki of the Concerned Citizens of Cutler Bay for his hard work and dedication to the organization and the community.

The January meeting had well over 100 people in attendance, although sadly only one Cutler Bay council member, Roger Coriat, was present. Among those in attendance were Town Manager Ralph Casals, County Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava, former Mayor Ed MacDougall and Laura Reynolds of the Tropical Audubon Society.

The topic was the Cutler wetlands restoration with a discussion on the attempt by the owners of the adjacent nine acre property to rezone this land to allow commercial development on Old Cutler Road and 184th Street.

A show of hands found not one member of the audience in favor of allowing commercial development to spread along Old Cutler Road.

I expect the developer will present the Council and community with an impressive plan for developing the 9 acre property. But any plan presented can be tossed in the trash once their zoning is changed. Promises made now to secure the vote are empty promises.

Residents wanting to stay informed on this issue can visit to get on their mailing list or visit their Facebook page.

Meetings of the Concerned Citizens take place on the first Tuesday of every month with various guest speakers and roundtable discussions on issues taking place in Cutler Bay. To bring up a subject for discussion or join their mailing list, contact Steve Zarzecki at 305-255-4351 or

I hope readers will resolve this new year to take an active role in the community. Lobbyists and special interests are actively engaging our council members in an attempt to influence their votes on a variety of issues. Don’t let their voices ring the loudest. Become involved.

Barbara Condon, Cutler Bay

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