Cutler Bay

Cutler Bay council moves ahead to allow golf carts on streets within town

Residents will soon be able to move freely on golf carts on nearly every road in Cutler Bay.

The main item

The Cutler Bay town council has passed an ordinance on first reading relating to golf cart use on streets within the town. The ordinance amends a section within a prior ordinance and now allows for golf cart use on county-owned and maintained roads. Golf carts will still be prohibited on U.S. 1 and Florida’s Turnpike. There are more than 100 golf carts registered with the town.

“I think it would be a great idea if we could have some outreach where we bring people in and let them know what all the requirements are and whether they need to have safety requirements on their cart,” Mayor Peggy Bell said on the dais. “They don’t all know the laws, so it would be really great if we could bring these people in. When I was campaigning last year, that was a big issue. People either wanted to use golf carts, or wanted nobody to use golf carts. The people that worked against it offered to work on a committee about safety. Their concerns were not using seat belts, drinking while driving … they had some valid concerns.”

Other business

▪ Light rail: The town council supported Miami-Dade Connection 2.0 recommendation to the county and Metropolitan Planning Organization by a 4-1 vote. Vice Mayor Ernie Sochin was the dissenting vote on the resolution, which recommends light rail in South Dade and other mass transit in the county.

▪ Increased reserves: The council unanimously agreed on an ordinance to increase its minimum reserve percentage for its reserve fund balance in its annual general fund budget. The ordinance was amended to a balance of 17 percent, compared to a 16 percent balance at first reading.

▪ Solar choice: The council approved a resolution to urge the Florida Legislature to remove barriers to customer-sited solar power and express support for the Floridians for Solar Choice ballot petition. Vice Mayor Sochin dissented on the 4-1 vote.

They said it

“The golf cart ordinance is something we have been working on from our strategic master plan and our transportation master plan,” Cutler Bay Town Manager Ralph Casals said. “We heard loud and clear from our residents, their desire to use golf carts throughout the majority of the roads in the town. During the last state legislative session, we went up there and lobbied and were able to change the state law to allow golf carts on county roads within a municipality.”

The next meeting

▪ When: 7 p.m. Nov. 18

▪ Where: Town Hall, 10720 Caribbean Blvd.