Cutler Bay

Letter: Resident seeks help getting peacocks returned to Pine Woods Villa

Missing: Our peacocks.

Please help me get our peacocks back!

I’m a senior living at Pine Woods Villa, a senior housing development in Cutler Bay, and we had several peahens — the female version of peacocks — taken off our premises about five weeks ago.

It is illegal to touch these peacocks or have them taken away from anywhere, and I’m sure whoever took them doesn’t realize that.

I have no family and I regard them as my family. I go to Krome Avenue and buy four 50-pound bags of cracked corn to feed the birds every three weeks. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. Those birds were my life, and the males are missing them terribly.

I just want to say to the people who took the birds to please bring them back and everything will be fine.

Please bring our peacocks back!


Beryl Jeune, Cutler Bay

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