Cutler Bay

Four candidates for Cutler Bay mayor and Town Council

Cutler Bay will have a new mayor and could have two new Town Council members this November.

Aug. 8 was the final day for the five candidates to get their names on the general election ballot.

For the mayor’s seat, seat council member Peggy Bell faces Art Nanni. Current Mayor Ed MacDougall is not seeking reelection but is running for Congress.

Incumbent council member Mary Ann Mixon faces Ed Wolmers for the right to Seat One.

Roger Coriat was the only candidate to qualify for council Seat Three — Bell’s current seat — so he gets the job automatically.

The town is divided into three residential areas. Council members are elected to a seat from each of those areas. Candidates for mayor and vice mayor can live anywhere in the town. Seat Two and the vice mayor’s seat will come open in 2016.

Council members must reside in their respective areas, but town residents, no matter where they live, get to vote for one candidate each for mayor and for Seat One.


Peggy Bell, 60, has served the town for eight years. Bell was a founding member of the Cutler Ridge Area Steering Committee and co-founded United Citizens of Cutler Bay. Bell also holds a Florida Realtor’s license.

Art Nanni, 64, has lived in Cutler Ridge for 55 years. Nanni was a Miami-Dade police officer for 31 years and a detective in the homicide bureau for 17 years. Nanni has served on the citizen advisory committee and the board of the Concerned Citizens of Cutler Bay.

“I am a longtime resident of this town and I want to continue the progress that has been started in the town,” Nanni said. “I want to be able to give back to the town what this town has given to me over the last 55 years.”


Mary Ann Mixon has been a Cutler Bay resident for eight years. Mixon has been a Realtor since 2008 and works for Cornerstone Real Estate Brokerage. Mixon worked for the Town of Cutler Bay as their special projects coordinator in 2009. She was elected to the Town Council in 2010.

Mixon also is a member of Fairchild Palms, a young professionals’ volunteer group of the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. She declined to give her age.

“I guess anyone would run a second time because we have stuff that’s not finished yet,” Mixon said. “I like what we’ve accomplished so far. We’ve done a lot of great things and I just want to continue on the path.”

Ed Wolmers, 52, has owned JTDA Group since 2007. JTDA Group specializes in towing and repossession services. Wolmers was a founding member of the original charter committee in Cutler Bay and also served on the charter revision committee in 2010.

“I’ve been involved since incorporation,” Wolmers said. “Our town deserves a new council. It’s time for a change. I’ve been ‘hands on’ all the way through today. I think I can do a much better job than our current council member.”


Roger Coriat, 39, is a social studies teacher at John A. Ferguson High School and an adjunct instructor at Miami-Dade College. Coriat moved to Cutler Bay in 2009 and served on the town’s education advisory committee in 2013.

“Since moving to Cutler Bay in 2009, I have come to appreciate the connection our town's leaders have with its residents,” Coriat said in an email. “I became involved in town events, and served on the education advisory committee. I decided to run for a seat on the town council as the next step in my involvement with the town I now call home.