Cutler Bay

Cutler Bay council tours “Mount Trashmore,” mayor prepares for Dade Days

Miami Dade landfill in South Dade, commonly called Mount Trashmore.
Miami Dade landfill in South Dade, commonly called Mount Trashmore. Miami Herald File

Cutler Bay’s town council and Mayor Peggy Bell toured a 147-foot mountain of trash March 20 in an effort to enhance understanding of town facilitates. Bell is also about to travel to Tallahassee once again, for Dade Days, an event founded by Cutler Bay’s first mayor, John Cosgrove, who died in 2006.

Bell, Roger Coriat, Mary Ann Mixon, Sue Ellen Loyzelle and Vice Mayor Ernie Sochin participated in the tour of South Dade landfill, at 23707 SW 97th Ave., known as “Mount Trashmore.”

“I requested the tour because I had toured it, the water treatment plant and Turkey Point Nuclear Plant with our former council a few years ago,” Bell said. “We have council members that were not on council back then. I feel it is important for our newer members to understand what happens at facilities near the town to be able to answer questions and concerns from our residents.”

“We learned that our household garbage is not buried there. Instead it is collected and reloaded into larger trucks and moved north where it is incinerated.”

Miami-Dade County Days is a two-day event that takes place in Tallahassee during the annual Florida legislative session. The event features more than 1,000 people representing more than 200 organizations from public and private sectors. In its 27th year, Dade Days showcases the county and its municipalities to focus on community needs.

Bell plans to speak with legislators, who make themselves available during the event, to work on issues agreed upon by the League of Cities, and other items of interest to Cutler Bay.

“I think some of the compliments I’ve received from other municipalities were about our PACE initiative, and how that is working out,” Town Manger Ralph Casals said. “The fact that we have only 32 full time employees. ... How you guys do that? And how we are taking advantage of being a contract city. We are always sharing ideas with municipalities and sharing. Going to Dade Days provides the opportunities to sit there and talk to some of your other municipalities … to all of the managers … to share ideas. Everybody is supporting the same cause to try to do the best that they can for the municipalities and Miami-Dade County as a whole.”

Town officials from multiple cities also have the opportunity to mingle and share information.

“I will again be emphasizing the importance of banning texting while driving,” Bell said. “I will be speaking to anyone who will listen about bringing a public/private partnership to Miami Dade County for mass transportation (light rail) needs.”

Following her Feb. 4 Tallahassee trip, and the recent trip from Loyzelle, Bell, Casals, and the town council will meet with members of the house and senate about those issues again.

“They see so many people, all with many needs, it doesn’t hurt to visit with them one more time to remind them what a great town we live in and how they can make it even better for the people we both work for, our residents of the state of Florida in general and Cutler Bay in particular,” Bell said.