Cutler Bay

Letter: Cutler Bay Founders Day a flop

What a huge disappointment Cutler Bay's 10th anniversary event turned out to be. The Founders Day event was a bust and Mayor Peggy Bell should apologize to the residents.

People who came were offered burnt hamburgers and hot dogs on stale buns and canned beans. Much of it ended up in the trash. At least people didn't have to wait in line for their burger-puck. Entertainment was pretty much non-existent and what little did take place on stage was inaudible unless you were standing no more than a few yards away. No seating was provided near the stage or in the kids play area.

Booths were set up on the far side of the field where local businesses and organizations handed out pens and advertising trinkets. Whoopee! Spread out over the entire length of the soccer field, older adults, especially those using canes or walkers, found it difficult to maneuver in the grass.

And that was it. No entertainment for anyone over the age of 10. No information about the history of what the event was to celebrate — our town's incorporation. Just free inedible food, inaudible music and the same old boring politicians walking around oblivious to the criticism. It was a celebration done on the cheap and the results were tacky. The only good thing was that it was so poorly advertised that few residents even knew to come.

Mayor Bell, the parks director, and the committee that planned this should be ashamed. What a waste of taxpayer's money and everyone’s time. If this is the best they can do, then the real celebration is that they now only do this every 5 years.

Ana Lopez, Cutler Bay

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