Coral Gables

Flasher poses as an FBI agent and robs security guard, Gables police say

A Miami man was charged with posing as an FBI agent, robbing and flashing a Coral Gables security guard.

The victim was working as a security guard on the night of July 3 when she said a tall man approached her. He told her he was an FBI agent and demanded her ID, according to the report.

“I have a gun,” he told her. “Put your hands on the car I’m going to check you.”

When she turned to put her arms on the car, police said the man unzipped his pants, exposing himself.

The security guard tried to call for help, but the man smacked her radio and cellphone out of her hands. She took off running in search of help.

Ten days later, Pinecrest Police found Adam Gil, a 32-year-old Miami painter, on South Dixie Highway. He matched the description of the suspect, and the victim picked him out of a lineup.

Coral Gables Police arrested Gil Wednesday on charges of strong arm robbery, falsely impersonating an officer, indecent exposure and battery.

After his Miranda rights, Gil told police he was high and couldn’t remember any details from that night.

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